Rysa Gagliano 1st Year Trainee - Applied Developmental Psychology




Rysa L. Gagliano is a 2nd year Masters Student in Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) at the University of Pittsburgh with a specialization in Applied Research Methods.  She is a 2015 graduate of Chestnut Hill College with a Bachelor of Arts Magna cum Laude in Psychology. 

Rysa is currently serving her ADP internship at University of Pittsburgh, Office of Child Development as a Developmental Healthcare Consultant in Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Early Head Start classrooms.  Rysa provides on-site behavioral health consultation to Head Start teachers and socio-emotional supports to young children who are at developmental risk. In addition, Rysa assists the data management SPECS team in Early Childhood Partnerships in profiling outcome data in various early childhood intervention and school-based program evaluation initiatives. As a graduate student, Rysa has worked as a research assistant in the School of Education, Department of Psychology and the Office of Child Development and Early Childhood Partnerships on a variety of qualitative and quantitative behavioral science projects. Rysa has had two years’ experience as a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) at the Barber National Institute in Pittsburgh, where she provided evidenced-based interventions to children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and behavioral problems. 

Rysa aspires to become an applied developmental scientist specializing in school-based assessments and interventions. She is excited to participate in the LEND training program for the 2017-2018 academic year to gain professional experience and advocacy skills.