Mission / Vision / Goals

The LEND Program of Pittsburgh is committed to inclusion and health equity by fostering a clinical and training environment that values the contribution of all individuals. Our objectives to promote health equity include:

  1. Train a diverse future workforce
  2. Greater equity in care by eliminating care barriers for our patients
  3. Promote community collaborations to build capacity within the community, including the university community


The LEND Center of Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC educates a new generation of leaders in the field of disabilities and forges partnerships to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. 


All individuals will reach their potential for growth and development under conditions of supportive families, inclusive communities, high-quality education and comprehensive and accessible health care. 


  • Providing intensive interdisciplinary leadership education for health care and education professionals regarding children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities¬†
  • Providing leadership to increase knowledge and skills about disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders and to create positive attitudes about inclusion
  • Forging partnerships with community-based leaders, organizations, agencies, advocacy groups, and individuals with disabilities and their families for training, program development, program evaluation, research, policy development, and systems change
  • Disseminating information about children with disabilities, leadership programming, public policy, and LEND programs to a national audience