SPECS for Propel and Partners in Wellness (PPIW)


Community Partners: Propel Charter Schools; Turtle Creek Community Human Services, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Propel Partners in Wellness (PPIW) is an innovative school-wide behavioral health intervention pilot initiative for a vulnerable and high-risk urban population of students from grades K-12th.  Propel Partners in Wellness uses a Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS; e.g., RTI, PBIS) model (required by PA state and federal government regulations) that encompasses a continuum of broad-based prevention-to-intervention supports to address student, teacher, school climate, and family assets and needs and to promote healthy learning, behavior, interpersonal relationships, school environments, and community-based interagency partnerships. 

The operational element of the PPIW model is a school-community partnership and teamwork model to engage teachers, support staff, parents/families, and community partners in supporting students so as to promote their healthy behaviors and progress. The Propel Partners in Wellness pilot model engages a partnership between Propel Schools and Turtle Creek Valley Community Services (TCV).  The central intervention elements of Propel Partners in Wellness are organized within three overarching pillars:

SPECS for Propel and Partners in Wellness (PPIW)


SPECS Authentic Program Evaluation Research Model

The goals of this evaluation are to (1) document implementation of the key elements of the Propel Partners in Wellness model, including direct services, family engagement, and professional development; (2) examine the interrelations among the three intervention key elements; and (3) assess and analyze the relative effectiveness of the intervention elements on the following outcomes categories: School Climate; Teachers; Students; Family/Parents. Given the complexities involved in implementing a program of this scale, this year 1 summary focuses on the school-level data noted above. The SPECS team collects ongoing natural authentic observation and recordings of actual student performance and classroom teaching practices in-situ in everyday classroom and schools activities and routines.  Moreover, SPECS collects information on how the TCVCHS support staff consults with teachers and classroom staff to improve classroom client and to promote student academic and behavioral performance through specific prevention and intervention practices of graduated intensities and strategies.


Click here for a pdf of the Year 1 SPECS for Propel (PPIW) program evaluation.