Working For Kids

Working for Kids

Working for Kids is an educational program that seeks to build strong communities by focusing on the development of a community’s most precious asset—its children. 

Working for Kids: Building Skills™ is a novel community-based educational program that takes an intergenerational approach to putting children on a positive trajectory for success in school and in life. This program has two components: (1) a community training program, and (2) a skills and health evaluation program.

The training program teaches how children develop strong brain pathways to support skill development. The training program is designed for parents, teachers, child care workers, and all community members with a particular focus on teens and senior citizens. Our hope is to embed children in a community where everyone they come in contact with can foster healthy brain development of the community's children. The skills and health evaluation program works with community partners (child care facilities, preschools, various community programs for children) to evaluate the positive benefits of the training program on the development of (1) children's social emotional regulation skills, language skills, and problem solving skills, and (2) health measures such as better sleep, improved immune function, improved mental health functioning in the children as well as in those working with children.